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title. Unley Museum Interactives

project type: touch screen and AR interactive apps

site: viewable at the Unley Museum


Developed for the Unley Museum 2023-2024 exhibition of works by Jessamine Buxton.

A principle touchscreen table interactive allows visitors to explore the use of colour in the art works. By turning a dial they highlight specific palettes within a selection of Buxton's paintings. A second interactive allows users to try their hand at painting in three sketches of the art works on display.

A second touchscreen on a display stand invites visitors to vote for their favourite works within the exhibition. This promotes engagement by encouraging visitors to express their opinion, while also having a secondary role of the highlighting all the works on display.

Finally a mobile augmented reality (AR) app was developed that visitors can download and use in the museum environment. When they point their phone at selected works on display additional information is displayed about the work and a short animation plays.

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